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All Decisions of the race director are final.

All safety and tech rules published in the IHRA Rule book apply by ET class. Please consult a track official with any questions.

All vehicles must have functioning seatbelts in good condition.

All vehicles must have a Radiator overflow can.

No plastic or glass fuel filters allowed.

12� total rubber fuel line allowed.

No plastic oil lines allowed.

All automatic vehicles must have a working neutral safety switch.

All batteries must be securely mounted. For relocated batteries - see the current IHRA rulebook, General Regulations.

All tires must be in good condition with all lug nuts in place. Remove hubcaps and beauty rings from wheels.

Trunk and passenger compartment must be empty prior to racing.

Drivers must wear at least: full length pants, shoes, and a sleeved shirt. (No shorts, sandals, or tank tops).

All participants mus have an approved helmet.

Drive shaft loop mandatory on all cars that are running slics.

Cars running faster than 7.49 must have an approved roll bar, SFI Legal belts and jacket. (Stock OEM cars with no add-ons may be exempt from roll bar rule)

Cars running faster than 6.49 must have an approved roll cage and Competition License.

Timed ignition interruption devices (stutter boxes) prohibited in all classes.

Delay Boxes are only allowed in Top Et vehicles and must be removed for every other class. Delay Boxes: The Tachometer or any RPM functions are prohibited from interaction with the delay device or its related accessories.

Hi-rev limiters recommended in all classes.

A mechanical, fixed throttle stop that cannot be changed, adjusted, or over-ridden from inside the car or during a run, is OK.

Data recorders that are pro-active to the operation of a vehicle are prohibited in ALL classes. Wiring from tachometer to any delay device is prohibited. Other electronics may be prohibited by class. If in doubt, ask tech official or race director

Also prohibited in all classes: Any electronic device used to determine down-track position; Any device that employs a timer, counter, or signal generator to determine down-track position; any type of line sensor for either start or finish; Any telemetry device capable of communicating vehicle data during a run, Any wheel pickup sensing devices.

Excessive leaking will be grounds for disqualification, get your leaks repaired, no leaks please.

Any problems or questions should be directed to the Race Director or designated track official.

MCID Class Structure

Top Et:

7.99 and quicker.

Electronics allowed (Delay Box), 2 steps, trans-brakes, air/electric shifter, etc.

Driver: Appropriate Safety Gear as per IHRA Rulebook.

Mod ET:

9.00 and quicker.

Trans-Brakes, 2 steps & Line Locks are approved. Wiring must be easily traceable from power supply to switch and transmission.

No Delay Boxes allowed and must be completely removed from the vehicle.

Must meet all IHRA Safety requirements.

Driver: Appropriate Safety Gear as per IHRA Rulebook.

Pro Et:

7.50 and slower.

No trans-brakes, or 2 steps.

No Electric or Air shifter.

Line locks permitted for burnouts and for manual shift vehicles.


No delay boxes allowed.

2-Steps, rev limiters, air actuated shifters allowed.

Driver: Appropriate Safety Gear as per IHRA Rulebook.

Jr. Dragster:

Race approved tires.

No Electronics allowed.

river: Appropriate Safety Gear (Leather or Approved Jacket/pants, gloves, etc.) as per IHRA Rulebook.

General Vehicle Tech Rules:

7.49 and quicker 1/8 mile

EXHAUST SYSTEM: Competition-type exhaust system permitted. Exhaust gases must be directed out of the car body, rearward, away from driver and fuel system. Flex pipe prohibited.

FAIRINGS: Front wheel fairings prohibited.

FENDERS: Optional.

FIREWALL: Mandatory.

FLOOR: Mandatory.

FRAME: See IHRA General Regulations.

GROUND CLEARANCE: Minimum of 3 inches from front of car to 12 inches behind axle.

HOOD: Optional, Flash shield over carburetion mandatory.

LIQUID OVERFLOW: Catch-can (catch-tank) required for radiators; 1 pint minimum capacity.

MASTER CUTOFF: See IHRA General Regulations.

NITROUS OXIDE: Permitted. See General Regulations.

PINION SUPPORT: Recommended that all rear-engine dragsters incorporate a rear axle and/or pinion housing anti-rotation device of a rigid design. Mandatory on all front-engine dragsters.

SUPERCHARGER: SFI 14.1 restraint mandatory.

SUSPENSION: Full automotive-type front suspension required. Rigid-mount rear axles permitted. One shock per sprung wheel mandatory.

TIRES: Slicks permitted. Recapped tires prohibited.

WINDSHIELD/WINDOWS: A windscreen is required in place of windshield on open bodied cars. Minimum size of windscreen: 5� X 12�. Window openings in all coupes and sedans must maintain a 5� minimum height, measured vertically. Full bodied cars must have windshield.

7.50 to 9.00 1/8 mile


BODY: Mandatory.

BRAKES: equired. Minimum or 2 rear wheel brakes required.

DRIVELINE: Drive shaft loop mandatory on any vehicle using racing slicks. See General Regulations.

DRIVER: Must remain in stock location. Driver�s seat may be moved a maximum of 10� rearward.

FENDERS: Exact duplicates of stock fenders in fiberglass permitted. Rear fenders may be trimmed for tire clearance. All fenders must have the edge rerolled or beaded if altered.

FRONT OVERHANG: No item or equipment may be added to the front which will add to the overall length of the vehicle.

FUEL SYSTEM: Gasoline, alcohol and propane accepted. Tank must be vented to outside of vehicle. Gas line must be located outside driver�s compartment.

HELMET: SN 85 or newer mandatory.

HOOD: Mandatory.

MASTER CUTOFF: See General Regulations.

ROLL BAR: Roll bar or roll cage is mandatory on all convertibles and recommended on all entries. See General Regulations.

STREET EQUIPMENT: License plates, generator; windshield wiper; motors; fans; fan belts; and horns optional. One working tail light required.

TRANSMISSION SHIELD: Automatic: It is recommended that cars with modified automatic transmissions, or converter, have a transmission blanket or shield meeting SFI 4.1.

WHEEL BASE: Minimum: 90�, unless car has original engine and OEM is shorter. Wheel base variation left to right: 1� maximum.

WINDSHIELD/WINDOWS: Windows may be replaced with 1/8� minimum Lexan. Windshields and windows must be clear except for factory-tinted safety glass. Windows must be closed during competition, need not be operable. Decals permitted on rear quarter window only.

9.00 and slower 1/8 mile


BODY: Must be full bodied car.

BRAKES: Four-wheel brakes mandatory.

DRIVELINE: Drive shaft loop mandatory on any vehicle using racing slicks. See General Regulations.

DRIVER: Must remain in stock location.

ENGINE: Automotive engine only. Must remain in OEM location.

EXHAUST SYSTEM: Headers permitted, must be designed to route exhaust gases away from car. Flex pipe prohibited.

FIREWALL: OEM type mandatory.

FLOOR: Full floor mandatory.

FUEL SYSTEM: One stock location fuel tank maximum. Fuel cells recommended. Top of fuel tank not to be higher than top of tires.

HELMET: SN 85 or newer mandatory on all entries running 8.59 or quicker. Entries running 8.60 1/8th mile & slower, helmet is recommended.

HOOD: Mandatory.

MASTER CUTOFF: See General Regulations.

ROLL BAR: Recommended. See General Regulations.

STEERING: Steering box location optional. Steering must be located in conventional location on driver�s side of car.

SUSPENSION: Full production-type suspension system mandatory with at least one functional shock per wheel. Minimum down travel per shock: 1�. Rigid-mount axles prohibited.

TRACTION BARS: Traction bars and/or mounting brackets may not be lower than the bottom of wheel.

TRANSMISSION: Any OEM type transmission permitted. Neutral safety switch required.

WHEEL BASE: Minimum: 90�, unless car has original engine and OEM is shorter wheel base variation left to right: 1� maximum.

WHEELS & TIRES: Must be automotive-type wheels suitable for street use. Racing slicks permitted. Automotive wire wheels or motorcycle wheels prohibited.


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